Our Story

We love cider so decided to make our own.

Essex orchards were ripped up in the 60’s and 70’s to make way for gravel pits .

We buy disused gravel pits and turn them into flourishing orchards; making great cider and having a positive environmental impact. Essex Gold!

We plant the trees, we pick the apples, we make the juice and we ferment the cider. 

We planted our first tree in 2008 and our mission to produce cider has grown from there. We have planted thousands of trees and are now building our new cider mill.  

Mark Hughes our founder is a larger than life, known fondly as the Big Bear and is the inspiration for our brand.

The Big Bear Cider is always made with 100% fresh-pressed apples, this method ensures maximum flavour.  A tonne of apples will produce approximately 500 litres of pure juice. The juice is fermented using yeasts carefully chosen for their ability to bring out the delicate aromas and flavours of our apple varieties.   A long, cool fermentation then allows the full Cider characteristics to develop. 

The Big Bear Cider Mill is passionate about the process of nurturing our trees, cultivating our own apples from planting to harvest; therefore using only the best and freshest ingredients in our cider. 

Our orchards consist of acres of wonderful cider apple varieties and at harvest time our team pick buckets of delicious apples and press them whilst they are very fresh to retain their character and flavour.  

At Big Bear Cider Mill, we produce quality, craft cider with a full fresh flavour.

Join us and enjoy the taste of cider from Essex!