Great British Apples make Great British Cider!

Galas from France, Portugal, Italy and New Zealand, Pink Ladies and Cripps Pinks from South Africa, Jonagold and Elstar from The Netherlands, Braeburns from Spain and Chile and French Golden Delicious …

What about British apples?

The environmental benefits of growing organic fruit can be cancelled out when apples have come half way across the world. Currently, 70% of organic food sold in UK supermarkets comes from overseas - even at the height of the British apple season, more than half the apples on sale in most big supermarkets are imported, with some travelling 20,000km before getting here.

As a nation we’ve become used to getting oranges from California, asparagus from Peru. It’s genuinely unusual for people to experience a world class, locally sourced product. Our apples ARE world class!

We can grow amazing fruit here in the UK – let’s stand up for British produce and enjoy a traditional British drink. Cool cider!

The Big Bear Cider Mill

Cider & Yoga

Two words we never thought we’d see together! Yes, cider and yoga; it’s a thing.
We would recommend that you seriously warm up before trying this at home.
Not sure about our very own Big Bear attempting Downward Dog… The dungarees may have to be swapped for a Lycra bodysuit.
If want to relax and haven’t got a yoga mat to hand, don’t worry. Grab a glass of cool cider instead.
Cider is like life – chill for best results…

EIS Eligibility

We're really pleased to have just received from HMRC confirmation of our EIS eligibility. This means qualifying investors will be able to enjoy attractive tax relief, amongst other benefits, from their investment in Big Bear. And please don't hesitate to get in touch by email or telephone if you'd like to learn more about our business and exciting ambitions.

The Big Bear Team

Motorcycle Update …

The Big Bear sponsors Will Hughes (Left in picture)

Last weekend Will was flying and came 2nd in the ACU championship round.

Join The Big Bear Team and take off with us!