A Big Bear Thank You

We’d like to thank our supporters and all those of you who have pledged, for your support, enthusiasm during our campaign. We really appreciate your belief in The Big Bear.

Although our campaign didn’t make its’ target, we’ve learnt a lot, made great friends and contacts, and are determined to succeed and build a dynamic, sound, business.

We’d love to tell you ‘I told you so!’

We’ll be back, and see you for a pint very soon.

Thank you again.

The Big Bear Team

The Drinks Scene Development

None of us could have imagined how much the entire drinks scene would change and develop.

You walked into a pub and the offer was a pint of lager, dry white wine, or a Gordons and tonic; bitter lemon if you were less racy. How times have changed!

Hundreds of types of gin, thousands of craft beers, vodka in all colours, rum in all flavours. The industry and the offering is now completely un-recognisable. This shift has happened in the last 10 years

The Craft beer sector now has over 2,000 breweries in the UK. The choice is brilliant, if a little overwhelming.

If you were one of the early adopters of craft beer or someone who invested early in this market and did really well, you will see why The Big Bear is a great investment opportunity.

If you missed out on craft beers, don’t do it second time round! Here’s your chance to be in at the beginning of something huge.

The craft cider revolution!

We’ve seen it happen with craft beers and spirits, and it will happen with craft cider.

We think craft cider will be the next big thing, so join us and be part of our success.


Great British Apples make Great British Cider!

Galas from France, Portugal, Italy and New Zealand, Pink Ladies and Cripps Pinks from South Africa, Jonagold and Elstar from The Netherlands, Braeburns from Spain and Chile and French Golden Delicious …

What about British apples?

The environmental benefits of growing organic fruit can be cancelled out when apples have come half way across the world. Currently, 70% of organic food sold in UK supermarkets comes from overseas - even at the height of the British apple season, more than half the apples on sale in most big supermarkets are imported, with some travelling 20,000km before getting here.

As a nation we’ve become used to getting oranges from California, asparagus from Peru. It’s genuinely unusual for people to experience a world class, locally sourced product. Our apples ARE world class!

We can grow amazing fruit here in the UK – let’s stand up for British produce and enjoy a traditional British drink. Cool cider!

The Big Bear Cider Mill

Cider & Yoga

Two words we never thought we’d see together! Yes, cider and yoga; it’s a thing.
We would recommend that you seriously warm up before trying this at home.
Not sure about our very own Big Bear attempting Downward Dog… The dungarees may have to be swapped for a Lycra bodysuit.
If want to relax and haven’t got a yoga mat to hand, don’t worry. Grab a glass of cool cider instead.
Cider is like life – chill for best results…